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Windmate Replacement Impeller

New Windmate Replacement Impeller
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Windmate Replacement Impeller

WindMate replacement impeller. Use as a replacement part only for any WindMate hand held wind meter


Wind Meter Impeller Replacement Procedure

This procedure describes the removal and replacement of the Windmate wind meter impeller. It applies to the handheld wind devices, SM-18, SM-19, SM-28, WM-100, WM-200, WM-300 and the WM-350

Tools require: Small flat blade screw driver or small phillips head screw driver

On the back side of the WeatherHawk wind meter there is a small
screw located to the lower left of the impeller as seen in the pictures
to the left. It may be covered by a small rubber cover.

Remove the rubber cover to expose the screw and loosen the
screw 3 to 4 turns but do not remove the screw completely.

Turn the impeller 1/8 of a turn clock-wise to align the keyed stubs.

Slide the impeller out the back side.

Insert the new impeller into the main body of the instrument and gently turn the impeller 1/8 of a turn counter clock-wise and tighten the small screw until it is snug. Be careful not to over tighten the screw it could cause damage to the device. Once the screw is tight replace the existing rubber screw cover if included.

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